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Tuscany Mountain Walks

Monte Grondilice from Rifugio Val Serenaia 

(Anybody choosing to follow this walk does so at their own risk and is entirely responsible for their own safety)

Car Journey from Villa

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Reference Material


Main Roads
Minor Roads
One-Way Journey Time

19 mi on SS63 and then SR445 to Casola
9 mi S through Minucciano to Rif val Serenaia
1:00 hours

Tuscany North Book
Bocchi Book
Map details

n/a - a JBH creation
Carta del Sentieri e Rifugio No. 101/102


Recommended Route Description

Map Showing Possible Routes (Click Map below for Larger version)

The Recommended Route is designed to provide the easiest possible excursion to the summit of Monte Grondilice. It is an "out & back" walk but with a variation on the return route.

It starts from Rifugio Val Serenaia, a popular start point for many walks, including the traverse of Monte Pisanino.

From Rifugio Val Serenaia follow the road and then path 178 south-eastwards up the Serenaia valley as far as the link path which steps R to path 180 (0.75 mi). Step R on this link and follow path 180 for 0.3 mi to the T-junction with path 179. Turn R on path 179 and soon reach Rifugio Orto di Donna.

From here an easy 1.5miles of ascent westwards on path 186 leads to the Grondilice ridge (Finestra di Grondilice), followed by an optional 'there & back' summit scramble of 0.1 mi each way.

After returning from the summit to the ridge, reverse the outbound route to Rifugio Orto di Donna, taking a well earned break here for "refreshments". From here take path 179, traversing eastwards, past the top of your ascent path (180) all the way to a major path junction at Foce di Cardeto (0.8miles).

 From here descend NW down the Serenaia valley on Path 178, zig-zagging on rocky ground through beautiful deciduous woodlands back to Rifugio val Serenaia, a delightful finale (2.3 miles).

Tuscany Mountain Walks-Apuane Alps-Monte Grondilice from Rifugio Val Serenaia-Walk Map


Statistic Recommended Route Variation 1 Variation 2
Walk Style Out & Back n/a n/a

Height Profile
(Click Thumbnail to Enlarge)

Tuscany Mountain Walks-Apuane Alps-Monte Grondilice from Rifugio Val Serenaia-Height Profile n/a n/a
Walk Description As Above
Walk Start Rifugio Val Serenaia

Paths Used

178, 180, 179, 178
Walk Grade E
Scramble/VF Dist (metres) n/a
Scramble/VFGrade n/a
Maximum Height (metres) 1805
Flat Speed (mph) 1.7
Walk Distance (miles) 5.4
Walk Ascent (metres) 819
Walk Time 4:24
Rest Recommendation Lunch on Monte Grondilice
Rest Time 1:36
Total Hill Time 6:00
Total Trip Time (Villa to Villa) 8:00
Leave Papavero @ 9:00
Return to Papavero @ 17:00

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