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Tuscany Mountain Walks

Montemarcello Magra 

(Anybody choosing to follow this walk does so at their own risk and is entirely responsible for their own safety)

Car Journey from Villa

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Reference Material

Main Roads
Minor Roads
One-Way Journey Time

16 miles on Autoroute, A12
7 miles south to Bocca di Magra
0:45 hours

Tuscany North Book
Bocchi Book
Map details

n/a - a David creation
Edizioni Multigraphic. 1:25,000 Sheet 506

Recommended Route Description


This coastal walk has been created by David to provide the opportunity to visit the wonderful mediterranen coastline close to Villa Papavero. For this purpose he has chosen a visit to the famous Montemarcello promontory.

The walk includes an exciting and busy marina, a monastery, defensive gun positions from World War 2, an exhilarating cliff-top path, a swim in the med,  a seaside bar, and a hilltop bar.

Unfortunately, the walking map used for this route contains some path numbering errors:
        # Path 3 on the Map is actually signed as Path 4 on the Ground
        # Path 1b on the Map is actually signed as path 3 & 3d on the Ground
These path numbers have been changed (in red) on our website map displays.

The Recommended Route packs all of the above highlights into a walk of less than 9 miles. It's a fantastic day out.

From the marina car park, take path 3 which climbs 100m steeply  over a south-westerly distance of 600m to an ancient monastery. This is superbly positioned with excellent views over the coastline of this beautiful headland.

From the back of the monastery turn left onto path 3a, signposted to Punta Bianca. This path traverses the hillside in a south-westerly direction for 0.5 miles to reach Punta Bianca. From here, take a short out-and-back excursion to the apex of the headland to visit gun emplacements preserved from the second World War.

Having returned from the gun emplacements, take path 4, signed to Tellaro, which climbs 100m to the clifftop and then traverses north-west along the cliff-tops, up the west side of the Montemarcello promontory, for a number of miles. The views down to the sea are magnificant and there are a number of opportunities to make "interesting" descents to seaside coves for a swim.

After ~2 miles, opposite one of these "interesting" descent paths, path 4 reaches a picnic area, close to the cliff-top road between Bocca di Magra and Tellaro, a coastal village further north.

Continue north-west along the clifftop on path 4 for a further 0.8 miles, after which the path begins a steep zig-zag descent down to the beach below. From here path 4 traverses a small headland, before joining path 3h for the final approach to the seaside village of Tellaro.

In Tellaro, a well earned drink in a delightful beachside bar can be followed by an equally refreshing swim. Beware however, the Tellaro coastline is very rocky and so protective footwear is advised for the approach to the sea.

To return from Tellaro, begin by reversing your arrival route, travelling south-east. However, when paths 4 and 3h split, keep left onto path 3h, climbing quite steeply until it reaches the coastal road after a further 0.5 miles.

From here onwards, Path 3, in various forms (3, 3h, 3d etc.), follows the coastal road south-east all the way to Montemarcello, both crossing it and running along it on a number of occasions. Montemarcello has a number of bars suitable for an afternoon drink, and the views over the sea and the Magra estuary are wonderful.

Path 3 (also signed here as AVG) continues eastwards out of the village and descends steeply for ~1 mile, crossing the road between Bocca di Magra and Montemarcello and emerging at the back of the monastery. From here, stay on path 3 to descend the remaining distance of 600m back to the marina Car Park.

Map Showing Possible Routes (Click Map below for Larger Version

Tuscany Mountain Walks-Montemarcello Peninsula-Bocco di Magra-Coastal Walk-Wartime History-Walk Map


Statistic Recommended Route A Shorter Option Variation 2
Walk Style Circular Circular n/a

Height Profile
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tuscany mountain walks-coastal-montemarcello magra-bocco di magra-tellaro-walk

tuscany mountain walks-coastal-montemarcello magra-bocco di magra-shorter walk n/a
Walk Description

As Above

This route starts and finishes the same as the Recommended Route but covers a significantly reduced distance by omitting the return visit to the seaside village of Tellaro.

It follows the recommended route as far as the picnic area, 2 miles north-west of the Punta Bianca.

From here, it steps north-west for ~200m onto the coastal road, and then turns right onto path 3d heading south-west towards Montemarcello.

Montemarcello has a number of bars suitable for an afternoon drink, and the views over the sea and the Magra estuary are wonderful.

From Montemarcello the final descent to the marina Car Park is the same as the Recommended Route.

Walk Start Marina at Bocca di Magra  Marina at Bocca di Magra 

Paths Used

3, 3a, 4, 3h, 3d, 3 3, 3a, 4, 3d, 3
Walk Grade T T
Scramble/VF Dist (metres) n/a n/a
Scramble/VFGrade n/a n/a
Maximum Height (metres) 260 260
Flat Speed (mph) 2.2 1.7
Walk Distance (miles) 8.8 5.9
Walk Ascent (metres) 520 290
Walk Time 4:48 3:54
Rest Recommendation

Lunch on Beach
Bars at Tellaro & Montemarcello

Lunch on Clifftop
Bar at  Montemarcello

Rest Time 2:12 3:06
Total Hill Time 7:00 7:00
Total Trip Time (Villa to Villa) 8:30 8:30
Leave Papavero @ 09:00 09:00
Return to Papavero @ 17:30 17:30

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