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Tuscany Mountain Walks

Penna di Sumbra 

(Anybody choosing to follow this walk does so at their own risk and is entirely responsible for their own safety)

Car Journey from Villa

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Reference Material

Main Roads
Minor Roads
One-Way Journey Time

30  mi on Autoroutes to Massa
15 mi NE via Antona to Arni

Tuscany North Book
Bocchi Book
Map details

JBH mods to walk 30, page 154, Penna di Sumbra
Carta del Sentieri e Rifugio No. 101/102

Recommended Route Description


Penna di Sumbra stands bold, and largely alone, across the valley to the north-east of Monte Altissimo. It is a bulky mountain with a strange "hat shaped" summit.

The Recommended Route is a clockwise circuit, starting from the village of Arni and circumnavigating the lower peak of Monte Fiocca. In addition, from Passo Fiocca, there is a short but difficult "out & back" Via Ferrata section to reach Sumbra's summit.

The long journey time to reach the start point, coupled with a strenuous walk, make this a long day out.

Start on path 31 heading northwards out of the village. The path uses an old quarry road for much of the 2 mile ascent to Passo di Sella.

There are a few sections where the path separates from the quarry road. Such path variations are invariably designed to avoid a number of long zig-zags taken by the road route. As such they are preferable to staying on the road.

From Passo di Sella take path 144 which traverses eastwards along the north flank of Monte Fiocca, reaching Passo Fiocco after ~1.5 miles.

An alternative would be to take the unsigned ridge route over the summit of Monte Fiocca to Passo Fiocca. Although this is a slightly shorter route, the ridge involves some scrambling of unknown difficulty. As a consequence the ridge route may actually take longer than the traverse.

From Passo Fiocca take path 145 eastwards to the summit of Penna di Sumbra, subsequently returning to the same point. This final excursion to the summit involves a 400m Via Ferrata which must be negotiated both upwards and downwards, Ferrata Ricciardo Malfatti.

After visiting the summit take path 144 again, heading south-westwards now, back to the village of Arni. Initially this is a gently descending traverse which changes direction several times to negotiate promontories and gullies. It has a very easy gradient for the first 2 miles.

However the final half mile section is very steep and uses a series of zig-zags to moderate the difficulties.

Map Showing Possible Routes (Click Map below for Larger Version

Tuscany Mountain Walks-Apuane Alps-Penna di Sumbra-Arni-Walk Map


Statistic Recommended Route Variation 1 Variation 2
Walk Style Circular n/a n/a

Height Profile
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Tuscany Mountain Walks-Apuane Alps-Penna di Sumbra-Arni-Height Profile

n/a n/a
Walk Description

As Above

Walk Start Village of Arni, east of Massa

Paths Used

31, 144, 145, 144
Walk Grade EE
Scramble/VF Dist (metres) 400VF x 2 
Scramble/VFGrade EE 
Maximum Height (metres) 1765
Flat Speed (mph) 1.7
Walk Distance (miles) 6.9
Walk Ascent (metres) 965
Walk Time 5:30
Rest Recommendation Lunch on Penna de Sumbra
Rest Time 1:00
Total Hill Time 6:30
Total Trip Time (Villa to Villa) 9:00
Leave Papavero @ 08:30
Return to Papavero @ 17:30

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