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Tuscany Mountain Walks

Pizzo d'Uccello from Vinca

(Anybody choosing to follow this walk does so at their own risk and is entirely responsible for their own safety)

Car Journey from Villa

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Reference Material


Main Roads
Minor Roads
One-Way Journey Time
17 mi E on SS63 & SS445 to Gassano
7 mi S to Vinca

Tuscany North Book
Bocchi Book
Map details

Based on Bocchi Walk 5, Page 51
Carta del Sentieri e Rifigio No. 101/102


Recommended Route Description

Map Showing Possible Routes (Click Map below for Larger version)

The Recommended Route is a much easier version of Bocchi's Route 5. It is a clockwise circuit via Foce di Giovo with an optional scramble from here to the summit of Uccello & back. It uses a traverse path on the SW side of Uccello rather than the Uccello ridge chosen by Bocchi.

Leave Vinca on Path 190, climbing N for 1 mi to reach Path 191 turning off to the R (Senteiro Piotti). Turn R here and traverse the SW side of Uccello on the Senteiro Piotti with wonderful views over Vinca and the mountains behind.

After 2.1 mi reach a fork in the traverse, 191 and 191b. Do not follow 191. It goes left and starts to climb. It becomes a serious scramble which ascends to Il Giovetto, part way up the Scramble onto Uccello's summit.

Follow Path191b which descends slightly to join path 175 ascending from Vinca. Turn L onto 175, ascending more gently to Foce di Giovo.

From here make a sharp L turn to take the optional, well-marked, ridge scramble to Uccello's summit. This requires several small scrambling pitches but they are all very easy with excellent holds. These pitches are separated by flatter walkable sections. In effect the ascent is via a series of sloping ledges and short but unexposed scrambles.

Descend back to Foce di Giovo using the same route. From here follow Path 175 W back to Vinca, joining Path 38 after 1.5 mi for the final 0.8 mi into the village.

Walking & Climbing - 
 Tuscany Mountain Walks -  Pizzo   d'Uccello   from   Vinca   -   W(S)450

Statistic Recommended Route Variation 1 Omit/Limit Final Ridge Variation 2
Walk Style Circular Circular n/a

Height Profile
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 Tuscany  Mountain Walks  - Pizzo  d'Uccello from  Vinca -  W(S)450 n/a n/a
Walk Description As Above Omit the final ridge ascent or stop it if and when the exposure becomes unacceptable. From Foce di Giovo follow the descent of the Recommended Route
Walk Start Village of Vinca

Paths Used

190(E), 191(EE), 191b(E), Summit Scramble(EE), 175(E), 38(T)
Walk Grade EE
Scramble/VF Dist (metres) 400S
Scramble/VFGrade EE
Maximum Height (metres) 1781
Flat Speed (mph) 1.7
Walk Distance (miles) 6.3
Walk Ascent (metres) 1001
Walk Time 5:18
Rest Recommendation   Lunch @ Foce di Giovo or on Uccello
Rest Time 1:18
Total Hill Time 6:36
Total Trip Time (Villa to Villa) 8:36
Leave Papavero @ 08:30
Return to Papavero @ 17:06

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